Perhaps nothing signals that summer has started quite like grilling. For many of us, cooking outside with friends and family is a time-honored way to celebrate the season. Besides getting everybody together, a good grill gives your food a unique smoky flavor. There are quite a few different types of grills on the market these days, but the basic model is probably charcoal grill. When you’re in the forest camp, you’ll want to make sure you load up your grill with high-quality charcoal.

Charcoal is made by burning wood very slowly without much oxygen so that it turns into carbon. People like to cook with charcoal because it burns hotter than wood and produces less smoke.

There are several different kinds of charcoal, including briquettes, lumps, flavored varieties, etc. The type of charcoal that’s best for you depends on your grilling style and personal preferences.

Our briquettes are made from 100% coconut shell, so you won’t introduce any foul-tasting or dangerous chemicals into your food.

Our product is one of the country’s preeminent producers, we has changed the barbecue world with excitement.

The briquettes are sold in a strong, weather-protected, and re-sealable bag. The hardwood of these all-natural briquettes is ground and pressed to create a super dense structure that is free of binders and chemicals. 

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