Shisha/Hookah Origin

Shisha is also known as sheesha, hookah, hubbly-bubbly, etc. Shisha smoking or to say hookah smoking originated centuries ago and exact origin of shisha is unclear, though many people believe it is from India. Nowadays, Smooking Hookah or Shisha has become one of the most favorite lifestyle in all countries in the world.  Shisha lounge and bar have become a good business that make the demand of shisha keep increasing not only quantity but also the quality. The key to enjoy a good shisha experience is not only came from tobacco and shisha equipment, but also the briquettes.

Shisha Charcoal Classification

There are two main categories of shisha charcoal: natural and quick-light ones. The main difference of them are raw materials. For the quick light ones, they contain too much chemical products and may do much damage to human health. It is essential for users to find real natural products.

The Briquette Shape & Main Material

Tablet shisha charcoal: burning time is 90 – 130 minutes

Cube shisha charcoal: burning time is 120 minutes

Finger shisha charcoal: burning time is 185 minutes

Silver shisha charcoal: burning time is 120 minutes


  • Coconut shell
  • Bamboo
  • Fruit tree

Our exclusive product


We are from Vietnam with the advantage of vast area of coconut aim at providing high quality shisha charcoal. We are manufacturer & exporter briquette charcoal for Shisha/Hookah with traditional carbonization methode, our added unique value:

  • 100 % Coconut shell charcoal
  • White ash/grey
  • Hard to break
  • Odorless
  • Smokeless
  • Non chemical
  • Long time burning
  • Smooth surface
  • Environmentally friendly

We hope all of our customers have a good time using our 100%-natural-coconut-shisha-charcoal.