With Vietnamese, the image of coconut has become a familiar scene which stands for the sea, coasts and the natural beauty of Vietnam. Not only being a symbol of Vietnam’s environment, Coconut also sticks with Vietnamese’s daily activities with many functions. For more information, our contents below will bring you some interesting knowledge of Coconut in Vietnam.

Charcoal from Coconut – a new solution for energy industry

With the development of science and technology nowadays, the problems of turning coconut shells into charcoal to save the natural sources are completely solved. It can help us perfectly to save our environment and natural resources through processes:

  • Step 1: Collect and choose the coconut shells with the best qualities (old, tough)
  • Step 2: Bring the chosen coconut shells to the industrial kiln (1200oC) to gain back the coconut charcoal.
  • Step 3: Charcoal pieces from the kiln are very big (natural size), so it needs to be resized to the suitable size based on usages.

In Vietnam, with the advantages of geographical location and environment, we can grow coconut with thicker copra to produce the charcoal with better qualities. Due to this fact, the international market also especially believes Vietnam’s charcoal products. Because of being made from coconut. charcoal still has its own abilities to replace the traditional coal for many purposes:

  • Making BBQ charcoal to use in BBQ restaurants or picnic parties. Because this type of charcoal can sustain the high temperature for a long time and other advantages such as: no smoke, no smell, …
  • Making the activated carbon to be used in the cosmetic industry, producing the pure water and fresh air, …
  • Making Shisha charcoal which is used when people want to smoke shisha

About SIZAGA – the best company produces coconut charcoal

With the purpose of finding a new material to replace traditional energy resources, SIZAGA is one of the leading companies working in producing and providing the charcoal products which are made from coconut, especially in exporting. With SIZAGA, you will have chances to get charcoal with many choices: BBQ BRIQUETTES, Coconut Shell Charcoal, Coconut Shisha Charcoal. Moreover, come to SIGAZA, you can easily find our products with advantages:

  • The best qualities with the best prices.
  • Our charcoal is well made with many sizes to be used in many different purposes
  • Products ensure “zero wasting”, friendly with the user’s health.
  • Support transporting in Vietnam and abroad.

For more information, please contact us through:

  • Address: G Floor – JADE Tower, 54 Than Nhan Trung street, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, HCM city, Vietnam
  • Tel: (+84) 818999131
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